Sunday, May 1, 2011

Why didn't Anyone Mention the Post-Pesach Stress?

First off, I apologize for having been so quiet lately. Things have been a little crazy, what with Pesach and general life stuff.
Things are always so crazy before Pesach; the cooking, shopping- both food and clothes and let's not forget about all the cleaning. Of course, life doesn't stop for major holidays. So I was somehow juggling this all, together with work, the kids and general daily nuisances that continue to crop up. So when chag came around, I was really ready. Ready for some peace and quiet, ready for some vacation, ready for some family fun.

Chag was good, albeit with some downsides. We went away, the food wasn't great and I didn't make it through seider cause I was sick. But on the up side, we were all together, had lots of laughs and the weather was fantastic.

And now we're back to normal, or well, sort of.
The day we came back was filled with stress, some quick food shopping and speedy unpacking. The next 2 days it was work as usual, coming home just a few hours before shabbes. Luckily, we were away for shabbes, so I didn't have to cook.

Somehow, after chag is over, I assume we'll just fall right back into routine. But I still feel a big post-pesach weight hanging over me (and not just around my waist). I haven't been able to restock a lot of the food, given that where we live I have to go to several different shops for all our daily needs and I've only made it to one. The loundry is piled meters high, especially the clean stuff that is just luring at me, waiting to be folded and put away. And today we came home after shabbes to find our fridge was left open (courtesy of one of my little helpers) and I had to throw out the majority of the food I had managed to buy. Oh, did I mention I don't live in Israel anymore but in this oh so Chrisitian place where stores arent open on Sunday? (Luckily, there is one a little further out, so I sent my husband, though I know it means half of what we need wont be bought).

I planned on spending my day restocking my freezer with all the shabbes essentials like challe and kugel and since I work so close to shabbes, this is really one of my priorities if we want to have food next shabbes. But honestly, I just feel so overwhelmed. Can I please just lie in bed and start over tomorrow? Do you think I can convince my kids to do the same?

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